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Joie De Vivre translated from French is "joy of living". At Joie De Vivre Medical, we strive to help patients experience the joy of life by providing comprehensive care for inner and outer health and beauty.

Joie De Vivre Medical bridges the gap in traditional medical care by combining traditional family medicine with state-of-the-art clinical treatments for skin and body care. Our patients experience the benefits of this unique relationship between beauty, medicine, and wellness.

Our mission: At Joie De Vivre, we strive to exceed patient expectations by providing genuine personalized care. With integrity we, as a team, help you achieve your own joy of living.


Dr. Lisa Jerrells
Dr. Lisa Jerrells believes in caring for the whole person. Her philosophy is behind the comprehensive approach to patient care, service-oriented culture and modern systems of Joie De Vivre Medical for our family practice services. Dr. Jerrells provides expert generalist care for women, men and children, including acute care and minor injuries, chronic care management, preventive care, and general health care.